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Henry Ford advertising budget: HERZBLUAT has the answers

Henry Ford, der Vater der modernen Automobilindustrie, hat einmal gesagt: „Etwa 50 Prozent meines Werbebudgets ist hinausgeworfenes Geld. Niemand kann mir allerdings sagen, welche 50 Prozent das sind.“ Wir von HERZBLUAT, Ihrer Unternehmensberatung, Marketing- und Werbeagentur aus Salzburg, haben die Antworten für Sie.

Supply Chain Act

The Supply Chain Act: Impact and Opportunities for Austrian Companies | HERZBLUAT

In an increasingly globalised world, the responsibility of companies goes beyond their immediate activities. The Supply Chain Act is a groundbreaking piece of legislation that will redefine the role of business in Austria and beyond. This article examines the impact of this law on Austrian companies with a special focus on medium, small and micro enterprises.

Sport Business of the Future

Sports business of the future

In a world that is constantly changing, it is important to adapt and keep up with the latest trends. This also applies to the sports business. With the advent of new technologies and the increasing importance of sustainability, the way we play and consume sport is also changing. In this blog post, we take a look at the future of sports business and the opportunities for start-ups with sustainable business ideas.

Future of advertising Advertising trends 2024

The future of advertising: Innovative trends for 2024 | Herzbluat Werbeagentur

The advertising industry is constantly changing. With the emergence of new technologies and changing consumer behaviour, advertising agencies need to constantly innovate to stay relevant. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the most innovative trends that could shape the advertising industry in 2024.

Customer loyalty in the digital world

Customer loyalty in the digital world: How companies win and retain customers

In an increasingly digitalised world, customer loyalty is a decisive factor for the success of a company. But how can companies win and retain loyal customers in the digital age? And what role do innovative and sustainable strategies play in product and service development?


Nominated: Sustainable Event "Sal23urg" | HERZBLUAT Sustainability Experts

The U19 Floorball World Cup Qualifier "Sal23urg" in January 2023 sets new standards in terms of sustainability and was able to win over numerous partners and ministries.
The tournament was certified as a "Green Event" and has now received a nomination for the competition "sustainable win! 2022/23" competition.
Let's take a look at the numerous sustainable aspects and measures that made this event so successful, at the excellent cooperation with the City and Province of Salzburg, and at the enthusiastic partners and participants.

Voice of Photography Podcast Gregor Wimmer Michael Preschl Lorenz Masser

Voice of Photography Podcast #4: Interview by the Guild of Professional Photographers

For the current episode (#4) of the Voice of Photography Podcast of the Guild of Professional Photographers Salzburg, Gregor Wimmer, the founder and owner of HERZBLUAT Unternehmensberatung, Marketing- & Werbeagentur in Salzburg Maxglan, was interviewed by Lorenz Masser and Michael Preschl, committee members and master photographers.
In the interview they discuss numerous topics around the cooperation of photographers and agencies as well as the self-marketing of photographers.

Content Marketing Trends 2023

Content Marketing Trends 2023: What companies need to know

In the digital age, businesses rely more than ever on effective content marketing to reach their target audiences and stand out from the competition. The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and it is important to stay up to date. In this article, we present the most important content marketing trends in 2023 and explain how companies can use them to achieve their marketing goals.

Redevelop business model and strategy

On 25 April 2023, Gregor Wimmer gave a lecture on the topic "What do I actually do? And how do I tell the world - business model - story telling - strategic business management" at the "EPU Day" event of the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce. The participants were one-person entrepreneurs (EPU) from all over the province, and a total of more than 220 interested spectators were present.
In this blog post, we would like to summarise the contents of this lecture and give valuable tips on how one-person businesses can develop their business model, tell their story and operate successfully on the market.
In an ever-changing world, it is important for companies to adapt and stay innovative in order to be successful.
We explore how companies can adapt to change, develop strategies and use innovation to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Crisis management in tourism

Crisis management in tourism - dealing with external influences and challenges

We examine the challenges facing the tourism sector, e.g. in Austria or the Arabian Peninsula, and how businesses can address them.
We talk about climate change, post-Covid-19, inflation and the shift towards an older target group.
It also shows how innovations, sustainable service and product development as well as marketing and advertising lead to economic success.

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