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HERZBLUAT Management Consultancy, Marketing & Advertising Agency

Management consultancy
Marketing &
Advertising agency

Salzburg, Austria

It is crucial for companies to rely on international best practices and standards in order to secure competitive advantages and promote sustainable growth.

ISO 20700, the standard for guidelines on management consultancy services, provides such a basis.

It promotes transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in the consulting industry by providing a standardised framework for the implementation of management consulting projects.

This standard makes it easier for clients and counsellors to work together on a common basis of quality and trust.

Advantages for your company:

ISO 20700
in management consultancy

Why ISO 20700 is important for your company

Improved transparency and results

ISO 20700 builds a bridge between consultants and clients by providing clear guidelines for the implementation of management consultancy projects.

The standard significantly improves transparency and results by creating a common language and basis for understanding.

This reduces misunderstandings, better harmonises expectations and increases satisfaction on both sides.

ISO 20700 Recognised Practitioner by ICMCI

Risk minimisation

In the area of risk minimisation, ISO 20700 offers concrete approaches for identifying, assessing and managing potential risks in consulting projects.

Through forward-looking planning and effective risk management strategies, this leads to greater investment security and protection of the company's value.

Sustainable business practices

The standard also promotes sustainable business practices.

It attaches great importance to ethical behaviour, social responsibility and ecological sustainability in its consulting processes.

This helps companies to operate successfully and responsibly in the long term, which ultimately leads to a positive reputation and increased customer loyalty.

By emphasising these aspects, ISO 20700 helps companies to optimise their consulting processes, minimise risks and place a strong focus on sustainability.

The benefits of expertise

Customised consulting approaches

With certification as a Recognised Practitioner in ISO 20700″, we offer tailor-made consulting approaches for your industry.

Our expertise enables us to respond to the specific challenges of these industries and develop customised solutions based on internationally recognised standards.

This not only ensures the high quality and efficiency of the consulting services, but also continuous adaptation to the dynamic market conditions.

Access to best practices

Access to best practices is another key benefit of our expertise.

By applying international standards and best practices, clients can benefit from improved project implementation and sustainable results.

These approaches minimise risks and promote efficiency in all phases of consulting.

Long-term partnerships and growth

Working with a recognised expert in ISO 20700, such as Gregor Wimmer, promotes long-term partnerships and growth.

Our deep roots in the principles of the standard and our extensive industry experience enable us to develop long-term strategies that not only build on current successes, but also secure future growth.

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In summary, we have emphasised the central importance of ISO 20700 for management consultancy and the unique advantages of our expertise.

ISO 20700 improves the transparency, efficiency and sustainability of consulting projects, while Gregor Wimmer's certification as a Recognised Practitioner offers customised solutions and access to best practices.

For your company, this opens the door to better results and long-term growth.

Is quality important to you?
Do you prioritise transparency and comprehensibility?
Innovation, differentiation and ethical behaviour are also part of your value proposition?

Then get in touch with us.

We look forward to working with you to create a more sustainable and successful future for your business.

You can reach us by telephone +43 664 81 97 894 or by e-mail to office@herzbluat.at.

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Certified management consultant
Marketing specialist

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