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Companies are increasingly focussing on sustainable action.

How can the next generation of skilled workers not only be made fit for the labour market, but also fit for an environmentally conscious future?

"Sustainable apprenticeships" (www.nachhaltige-lehre.at) provides an innovative answer to this question by offering fully subsidised micro-courses for apprentices that raise awareness of professional and environmental responsibility and strengthen know-how.

Take advantage of our 100 % subsidised training programme
for a future-proof education -
packed with sustainable knowledge and digital skills.

Shaping the future with "Sustainable apprenticeships":
Make your apprentices fit for tomorrow!

Sustainable apprenticeships" is converted to 100% by the Digi cheque from the programme "Promoting apprenticeships" of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs.

There are no costs for either the apprentices or the training companies.

The aim of the Digi-Scheck is to support the teaching of future-relevant skills in the areas of digitalisation, climate protection, sustainability, energy and resource management and internationalisation as part of dual training.

Apprentices (m/f/d) can receive funding for up to three courses per calendar year, with 100 per cent of the costs being covered. Funding requires an ongoing apprenticeship relationship and does not apply to apprentices in inter-company training centres. The application for funding can be submitted either by the apprentice or by "Sustainable Apprenticeship".

Why Sustainable apprenticeships?

The importance of sustainable educational approaches cannot be overestimated in today's business world.

With a growing global awareness of environmental problems and social justice, companies are looking for ways not only to be economically successful, but also to make a positive contribution to a future worth living.

"Sustainable apprenticeship" responds to this need by enabling apprentices and companies to play a pioneering role in sustainable development together.

This innovative approach aims to equip the next generation of skilled workers not only for the labour market, but also for an environmentally aware and socially responsible future.

Facts about Sustainable apprenticeships?

Discover "Sustainable teaching" - your guide to sustainability!

With our fully subsidised programme, you set a milestone in the training of your apprentices.

Through an innovative combination of technical expertise and sustainability skills, we prepare your talents not only for today's labour market, but also for the ecological and social challenges of tomorrow.

Advantages of Sustainable apprenticeships

Use the Digi-Scheck for a 100 % cost coverage. No financial hurdles - an investment in the future that pays off.

Our range of courses covers everything from digitalisation to climate protection.

We equip your apprentices with the skills that are essential in the modern working world.

We use simulation games and interactive learning to promote a deep understanding of sustainable practices.

Creativity and critical thinking are very important to us.

Registration without hurdles via our website opens the door to future-orientated education for you and your apprentices.

Transparent selection criteria guarantee a fair chance of participation.

Strengthen your corporate image and competitiveness through social responsibility and sustainability.

At the same time, your apprentices receive training that sensitises them to the demands of a dynamic economy.

Our programmes are aligned with the latest legal and social requirements, including the European Green Deal and the ESRS framework.

With "Sustainable apprenticeships", you are opting for more than just an educational programme:

You choose a partner who will accompany you and your apprentices on the path to a more sustainable and successful future.

Register your apprentices for the basic course today on www.nachhaltige-lehre.at and give them the opportunity to develop further through our specialisation modules.

Set an example for sustainability and future viability in your training programme - with "Sustainable apprenticeships".


How it works Sustainable apprenticeships?

"Sustainable apprenticeships" offers a platform (www.nachhaltige-lehre.at), which was specially developed to bring apprentices and companies together to teach future-relevant skills through fully funded micro-courses in the areas of digitalisation, climate protection, sustainability, energy and resource management and digitalisation.

These courses, which are funded to the tune of 100 % by the Digi-Scheck from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economic Affairs' "Promoting Apprenticeships" programme, enable apprentices to complete up to three courses per calendar year at no cost.

This unique funding opportunity gives companies the chance to invest in the skills of their apprentices while demonstrating their social and environmental responsibility.

100 % subsidised

What is Sustainable apprenticeships?

"Sustainable apprenticeships" is more than just an educational programme; it is a movement towards a more sustainable economic and social system.

Through innovative learning methods such as simulation games and interactive learning, "Sustainable apprenticeships" creates a dynamic and practical learning environment.

These approaches enable apprentices to understand complex interrelationships and think critically about sustainable solutions.

Companies that opt for "Sustainable Apprenticeships" not only strengthen their commitment to the environment and society, but also prepare their apprentices for the challenges and opportunities of a constantly changing world of work.

Benefits for companies and apprentices:

Companies benefit from an improved positioning in the market and a strengthening of their commitment to CSR.

Apprentices receive training that prepares them for the challenges of a sustainable economy, improves their job prospects and makes them ambassadors for sustainability in their professional lives.

"Sustainable apprenticeships" therefore not only promote the individual development of apprentices, but also support companies in making a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Advantages of Sustainable apprenticeships

For companies

Sustainability as a competitive advantage, contribution to corporate social responsibility

Companies that invest in sustainable education programmes position themselves as responsible players in their market.
This not only strengthens their image with customers and partners, but also attracts talented young people who value a meaningful job (keyword: employer branding).

Sustainability-orientated training initiatives also strengthen a company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) by showing that it is actively contributing to solving global challenges.
In the long term, these measures can help to differentiate the company from the competition and strengthen its market position.

For apprentices

Acquire future-oriented skills, improve job opportunities

For apprentices, sustainable training programmes offer the advantage that, in addition to subject-specific skills, they also acquire sustainability skills, which are increasingly in demand in the modern working world.

These additional qualifications significantly improve their career opportunities, as companies are increasingly looking for employees who are able to integrate environmental and social responsibility into their everyday work.

In addition, dealing with sustainability issues promotes the trainees' awareness of and commitment to social and ecological issues, which can contribute to a fulfilling and meaningful professional career.

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We invite apprentices from all professions and years of apprenticeship, as well as HR decision-makers, to take advantage of this opportunity and become part of the movement towards a more sustainable future.

By booking the 100 % subsidised courses at "Nachhaltige Lehre", you are not only investing in your skills or the skills of your future employees, but also in the long-term success of your company and the well-being of our society.

Visit www.nachhaltige-lehre.atto find out more about the programme and register yourself or your apprentices for the courses today.

Do you care about sustainability?
Do you care about your apprentices?
Do you care about your future?
Do you want to do really exciting and instructive training programmes?

"Sustainable apprenticeships" is at the interface between education, business and sustainable development.

It offers a unique opportunity to acquire future-orientated skills and promote a culture of sustainability in companies.

By participating in this programme, companies and apprentices can work together to shape a responsible and sustainable future.

It's time to take action and sign up you, or your apprentices, for the "Sustainable Apprenticeship" courses to learn, grow and make a positive change in the world together.

Completely free of charge, because 100 % subsidised!

Book now! -> https://www.nachhaltige-lehre.at/

We look forward to working with you to create a more sustainable and successful future for your business.

You can reach us by telephone +43 664 81 97 894 or by e-mail to office@herzbluat.at.

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Marketing specialist

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