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The U19 Floorball World Cup Qualifier "Sal23urg" in January 2023 sets new standards in terms of sustainability and was able to win over numerous partners and ministries.

The tournament was certified as a "Green Event" and has now received a nomination for the competition "sustainable win! 2022/23" competition.

Let's take a look at the numerous sustainable aspects and measures that made this event so successful, at the excellent cooperation with the City and Province of Salzburg, and at the enthusiastic partners and participants.

Nominated Green Events Austria "sustainable win" 2022/23

Sustainable Winning 2022/23 Competition

Nomination: Sustainable U19 Floorball World Cup qualification in Salzburg impresses

Nominated for the sustainable competition win sustainably! 2022/23

The U19 Floorball World Championship qualifier "Sal23urg" not only set new standards in terms of sustainability, but was also nominated for the sustainable competition "sustainable win! 2022/23".

The nomination notice states:
"We are pleased to inform you that your event has been nominated for the award in the competition 'sustainable win! 2022/23′ has been nominated. It was not easy for the jury to select the best sporting and cultural events for nomination from the large number submitted. The jury nominated your application because you are a role model for your sector with a broad impact and have implemented important sustainable measures in a creative and innovative way".

This nomination is a special recognition for the organisers and all those involved who have contributed to making "Sal23urg" an outstanding example of a sustainable sports event.

sustainable event Sal23urg organising team

The organising team:
f.l.t.r. Gerold Rachlinger (Austrian Floorball Association ÖFBV), Diana Reuter (Rundumblick), Gregor Wimmer (HERZBLUAT), Erich Rattensberger (Star Bulls Salzburg)

Sustainable organisation - certification by Klimabündnis Österreich and Land Salzburg

The organisers of "Sal23urg" have placed great emphasis on sustainability and have been certified as a "Green Event" by the Climate Alliance Austria and the province of Salzburg.

This certification underlines the importance of sustainability in sport and the appreciation of the "Sal23urg" event.

As a Green Event, the tournament took place in the climate-positive North Sports Centre, which meets the Gold Standard and generates more energy than it consumes when the weather is right.

Surplus energy was given to neighbouring businesses. In addition, the hall is completely barrier-free, which guarantees an inclusive experience for all visitors.

sustainable event Sal23urg Green Event certified
sustainable event Sal23urg Green Event certified

Support from ministries and institutions

The sustainable event "Sal23urg" was able to count on the support of important ministries and institutions that recognise the importance of sustainability in sport and thus underline the relevance of the competition in the field of sustainability.

Partners of the "Sustainable Winning 2022/23" competition:

  • Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
  • Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport
  • Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs

Furthermore, the federal provinces of Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Vienna, the Austrian Federal Sports Organisation (BSO), the Sports Union, ASVÖ Vienna, the organic farmers' association Bio Austria and many more.

Their support shows that sustainability is perceived as an important issue in the sports industry and helps to position "Sal23urg" as an outstanding example of sustainable sports events.

sustainable event Sal23urg CO2 compensation

Excellent cooperation with the City and Province of Salzburg

The cooperation with the city and province of Salzburg was excellent. All partner companies involved, including hotels and other infrastructure, were enthusiastic about the topic of sustainability and actively contributed to making the event as environmentally friendly as possible.

This cooperation was a decisive factor for the success of the "Sal23urg" and shows how important the commitment of all participants is for a sustainable future.

Impressed participants and the World Federation IFF

Both the International Floorball Federation (IFF) and the almost 200 participants from 6 countries (Norway, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Austria) were very impressed by the sustainability concept of the "Sal23urg" event.

Short distances, arrival, departure, shuttle on site with sustainable public transport, a well thought-out waste concept, accessibility in the sports venue and organic catering, offsetting the ecological footprint on site are just a few aspects that distinguish the tournament in terms of sustainability.

The positive feedback from the participants and the association underlines the importance of the sustainable orientation of sporting events and shows that such initiatives are appreciated and recognised by those involved.

sustainable event Sal23urg sustainable arrival and departure
sustainable Event Sal23urg sustainable Event Organization

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"Sal23urg", as a qualifying tournament for the U19 Floorball World Championship, has shown how sporting events can be organised sustainably and successfully.

The certification as a Green Event, the excellent cooperation with the City and Province of Salzburg, the enthusiastic partners and participants as well as the support of ministries and institutions are just some of the many factors that led to a nomination in the competition "sustainable win! 2022/23" competition.

The event showed that it is possible to successfully combine top-class sport and sustainability.

HERZBLUAT - Your partner for sustainability transformation

If you are interested in making your company or your (sports) association fit for sustainability transformation, HERZBLUAT Unternehmensberatung, Marketing- & Werbeagentur is the right partner for you.

Events are just one of the many ways an organisation can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and become ESG-ready.

At HERZBLUAT, we take a holistic view of sustainability and attach great importance to all three pillars: ecology, economy and social issues.

We offer tailor-made solutions and advice to ensure that your organisation operates sustainably in all aspects and thus has a positive impact on our environment and society.

Do not hesitate to contact HERZBLUAT to achieve your sustainability goals and bring about change in your industry together.

You can reach us by e-mail at office@herzbluat.at or by telephone +43 664 81 97 894.

Together we can shape a sustainable future and ensure that your organisation operates successfully and responsibly.

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