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Henry Ford advertising budget: HERZBLUAT has the answers

Henry Ford, der Vater der modernen Automobilindustrie, hat einmal gesagt: „Etwa 50 Prozent meines Werbebudgets ist hinausgeworfenes Geld. Niemand kann mir allerdings sagen, welche 50 Prozent das sind.“ Wir von HERZBLUAT, Ihrer Unternehmensberatung, Marketing- und Werbeagentur aus Salzburg, haben die Antworten für Sie.

Crisis management in tourism

Crisis management in tourism - dealing with external influences and challenges

We examine the challenges facing the tourism sector, e.g. in Austria or the Arabian Peninsula, and how businesses can address them.
We talk about climate change, post-Covid-19, inflation and the shift towards an older target group.
It also shows how innovations, sustainable service and product development as well as marketing and advertising lead to economic success.

The Future of Retail - Omnichannel Strategies for FMCG Companies

The retail sector is currently undergoing a rapid transformation. In order to survive in competition, FMCG companies are relying on innovative omnichannel strategies. We highlight the importance of omnichannel approaches for the success of companies in the consumer goods industry and discuss the opportunities and challenges of this change.

Storytelling in lifestyle marketing - building brand authenticity

How storytelling in lifestyle marketing builds brand authenticity and connects sustainable product development, marketing and advertising. The power of emotional stories to position your company for commercial success and reach your target audience.

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