HERZBLUAT Management Consultancy, Marketing & Advertising Agency

Management consultancy
Marketing &
Advertising agency

Salzburg, Austria

HERZBLUAT Management Consultancy, Marketing & Advertising Agency

Management consultancy
Marketing &
Advertising agency

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

View of the Hohensalzburg Fortress and the historic centre of the city of Salzburg.
Part of the UNESCO World Heritage, cultural and natural sites of outstanding universal value.
In the foreground, the Marko Feingold footbridge.

Business model, corporate management, corporate governance, marketing, communication and advertising.

How do we see things?
What is our approach?
Do we fit together?

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Management consultancy

Why do we consider business management consulting to be the basis for your entrepreneurial activities?

We believe that every business has its own challenges and opportunities.

Our management consultancy is focused on developing tailor-made solutions to help your business realise its full potential and grow successfully.

Tailor-made to develop your business

We advise you individually and develop customised strategies for your company.

With our know-how in the areas of corporate development, organisation, leadership, but also reorganisation or restructuring, we help your company to achieve its goals and to continuously develop.


Marketing agency

Why do we think marketing is so important for you?

We believe that effective, science-based marketing must be based on a sound knowledge of your values and goals.

That's why, as a marketing agency, we develop creative and innovative strategies that are tailored to your needs and help you improve your market position.

Innovative strategies for your success in the market

As a marketing agency, we focus on creative and innovative solutions to put you in the spotlight and strengthen your image and sales.

Our holistic and sustainable approach is based on the values and goals of our clients and helps to improve your market position.


Advertising agency

Why does our advertising agency in Salzburg offer you creative solutions that go down well?

We believe that advertising has the power to change the world and revolutionise the perception of brands.

That's why our advertising agency focuses on creative solutions that stand out, are remembered and make a real difference for you.

Advertising campaigns that stand out and stay in the memory

We create attention-grabbing advertising campaigns that revolutionise the advertising world and stay in the minds and hearts of target groups.

Our goal is to make you a successful brand through sustainable and targeted advertising.

Not least because of this, we are certified as a "CAAA - Certified Austrian Advertising Agency" and are allowed to use the "pro-Ethik-Siegel" of the Austrian Advertising Council.

We start with the WHY.


Why do we do what we do for you, what drives us?
How do we do it when we do something for you?
What do we do for you in concrete terms?

At HERZBLUAT, we believe in the power of creativity and marketing to drive growth, positive change and a sustainable future for businesses and society as a whole.

Our deep-rooted commitment to ethics, responsibility and transparency shapes the way we work and our pursuit of real added value for our clients.

Integrity and responsibility:
As a pro-ethics agency certified by the Austrian Advertising Council, we promote ethical business practices and are committed to honest and transparent communication.

We strive to implement the UN SDGs of Vision 2030 in our work approaches and projects, both internally and for our clients.
We recognise the importance of sustainable development and work continuously to minimise our environmental and social impacts.

Customer orientation:
We work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs and goals and develop innovative solutions that deliver measurable results.

Creativity and innovation:
Our creative experts develop unique, customised marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that help our clients' brands succeed and stand out from the competition.

We value diversity of perspectives and foster a culture of collaboration within our team and with our clients and partners.

HERZBLUAT offers a wide range of services in the fields of management consultancy, marketing and advertising. Our core competencies are

Strategy development and consulting:
We support companies in defining their vision, mission and corporate goals and develop tailor-made strategies for sustainable growth.

Marketing and communication:
We develop effective marketing plans and campaigns based on the individual needs and goals of our clients and implement them through various channels.

Graphic design and visual communication:
HERZBLUAT develops engaging visual content that strengthens our clients' brand identity and successfully communicates their messages.

Digital and online marketing:
We use state-of-the-art technologies and methods to develop effective digital marketing campaigns and optimise our clients' online presence.

Event and campaign marketing:
We plan and implement successful events and campaigns that increase brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty.

Our mission statement is the guideline for our daily work and the basis for our relationships with customers, partners and society.

At HERZBLUAT, we are committed to ethical and sustainable business practices while holding ourselves to the highest standards in marketing, advertising and business consulting.

We are proud to be at the forefront of change, working with our clients to create a more successful and sustainable future.

© HERZBLUAT Management Consultancy, Marketing & Advertising Agency, Salzburg, Austria
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